Sunday, March 3, 2013

Attenzione Italian Readers !!

I'm going to Italy in the fall and I'd really like to know which Italian beauty products I should pick up ! Is there anything absolutely fantastic that I can only get in Italy ?? Any fab Italian drugstore picks ?!? I'm dying to know :o)

Mille Grazie !!!


  1. My sister lives in Venice and introduced me to a make-up chain store called Kiko. It's based in Milan, but they are all over Europe. I love their nail polishes and the variety of "weird" colors, and that they wear better than most of my more expensive polishes. I swear by their Vibrant Eye Pencil in #603, a rich chocolate that I've used almost exclusively for over a year (coming from a black kohl-only routine). I bought a large bronzer compact last summer and I love the almost-pearly effect it gives my skin and that it smells like vanilla. I haven't ventured into their skincare line, but for the price, I should soon. It's a good place to try out interesting colors or stock up on basics if you're on a budget.

  2. Oh, and the eyeliner also has Vitamin E and jojoba oil, and it's super creamy, which I swear have made my eyelashes thicker and darker since using it. It is also water resistant, which is great in the summer. It smudges well and also blends well into eyeshadows if I want to mute it a bit. Can you tell I love it?? :)

  3. thanks for the tip !! this sounds amazing. i will definitely check it out. in fact im googling it now LOL