Monday, March 11, 2013

Trader Joe's Lavender Salt Scrub

I go to Trader Joe's ALL the time and already love their Oatmeal & Honey Soap, but I didn't notice the Lavender Salt Scrub until last week. It only costs $5.99 for 20 oz so I thought, OK, this stuff has to suck. I was very wrong. First of all, check out the absolutely lovely list of ingredients:

* Sea Salt
* Sweet Almond Oil
* Safflower Seed Oil
* Sunflower Seed Oil
* Lavender Oil
* Grape Seed Oil
* Apricot Kernel Oil
* Avocado Oil
* Green Tea Leaf Extract
* St. John's Wort Extract
* Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

That's it. That's the entire ingredient list. It's beautiful.

Then I took it home and used it and this stuff is completely legit. It smells like heaven (if you're into lavender, which I absolutely am) and gently but thoroughly scrubs your skin. And thanks to all the natural oils, it leaves behind a heavy dose of moisture. It would be great to use before shaving your legs.

Do not use this on any open cuts, because it will sting like a mother (sea salt). And be careful because your tub will be very slippery after using it. Also, I wouldn't recommend this for use on the face.

It's so fun to be pleasantly surprised by inexpensive beauty products. Especially ones with fabulous natural formulas that any other company would charge an arm and a leg for.


  1. I was using a sugar scrub for a while which I loved but it drew ants so I've been wondering about a salt based one. I was thinking of making my own from Epsom salts but maybe I'll give this one a shot ;)